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Jun 07

Anonymous said: Come now, tell me in better detail what you would do to me, I am ever so curious. Otherwise, I will turn the tables and make sure you submit to my will, come entertain me, master~

Ok, as my pet I will give you a nice purple collar to wear, Then I will give you a nice cat ears and tail to wear, the tail will be a nice sized butt plug that will vibrate with my remote, then you will be only naked when I am at home alone with you and you will be helping me around the house. If you do not help you will be teased severely, tied up and a vibrator on your clit and in your butt going in and out on high, you have no way to move, you cannot have my penis cause you are a bad pet, no touch and I will be stroking in front of you ever so close where you want to lick it or try to put it in. If you were really bad you will be tied up laying down on your back. You will be stuffed with small toys in you vibrating on high and a chastity belt on so then they don’t slip out and you will have your mouth stuffed with my penis until you forgive yourself. So don’t be bad or it will get worse every time. If you are a nice pet you will be able to “play” with me as long as you want and if you want to play with some “toys” your are allowed to, I will let you do what you want with me if I am in a good mood. If you are a very very nice pet I will go to the shops with you and I can get you a new toy to play with. I will allow playing by yourself at home but you need to ask for permission and also send me a before, middle and after shot. So you have to be a very nice pet for me and be by my side when ever I need you. You cannot betray me, or you will be severely punished in my basement…

Jun 07

Anonymous said: so, if I were your pet, I wonder what you would do to tame me into an obedient little play toy.

Well find out and exploit their weaknesses. Maybe a little tie up, tease body parts, anything that makes my pet happy.

Jun 06

The Sexy Bucket List for you girls


  • Get your toes licked
  • Get your hair pulled
  • Get spanked
  • The ol’ finger in the butt 
  • Hand someone your panties
  • Receive a rim job 
  • Ride on top
  • Ride on bottom
  • Butt sex
  • Sex it up in a public place
  • Go to a lingerie party
  • Car sex
  • Costume play
  • Have an office romance— doesn’t have to be full-on, but a kiss by the copier never hurt anyone
  • Hook up with someone you’ll never see again
  • Wield a riding crop, whip, or cat o’ nine tails
  • Sit on his face/have her sit on your face
  • Hit the big O at the same time
  • Use sex toys to get both of you off
  • Do an uncircumcised penis
  • Bar bathroom sex
  • Shower sex
  • Food play, or if you’re willing to get dirrrty—splosh!
  • Masturbate 
  • Get a couples massage
  • Be the dom
  • Be the sub
  • Wear heels so high, you can’t walk out of bed in them
  • Flash your boobs or butt (just don’t get arrested!)
  • Hit a strip club
  • Do a strip tease yourself
  • Lace up in a corset
  • Get tied up (be sure to have a safe word!)
  • Act out your partner’s sexual fantasy
  • Do someone who looks like a celeb
  • (At least) kiss another girl
  • Kiss a random stranger
  • Help someone heal sexy nurse-style
  • Pose for a camera (for some form of naked documentation)
  • Have cyber sex
  • Have phone sex
  • Have sex with someone you love
  • Have sex in a twin bed
  • Have sex blindfolded
  • Have a threesome 
  • Get bent over the kitchen counter
  • Get dick slapped
  • Get a pearl necklace
  • Do someone hairless
  • Do a human shag carpet  
  • Do someone waaaaaay hotter than you
  • Do someone ripped
  • Do it doggy-style
  • Morning sex
  • Sober sex
  • Drunk sex
  • Watch someone put on a sexy show for you
  • Be watched while you put on your own sexy show
  • Sex up someone older
  • Sex up someone younger
  • Skip work to bone
  • Swallow
  • Give a hand job with your non-dominant hand
  • Make-up sex
  • Breakup sex (aka “last licks”)
  • 69
  • Have sex at least 66 times to complete this list

Jun 06
Jun 06

Wouldn’t be lying if I said I was doing this right now


Wouldn’t be lying if I said I was doing this right now

Jun 06

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